102nd Idaho State Ram Sale Brings Optimism to Lamb Market

The Idaho State Ram Sale, now in its 102nd year, stands as a premier event in the sheep industry, hosted by the Idaho Wool Growers Association, on July 8th at the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds. This annual sale showcased a wide selection of high-quality rams from breeders from six western states, offering an opportunity for sheep enthusiasts and ranchers to enhance their flocks with superior genetics.

In total, 183 rams were sold to buyers from six states with a sale average of $728.69. Suffolk yearlings topped the sale bringing an average of $808.54.

The Idaho State Ram Sale brought together buyers and consignors from all over to celebrate the rich heritage of sheep production in Idaho.  From Columbias to Rambouillets, Suffolk to Crossbreds, and yearlings to lambs the sale provided an unparalleled opportunity for buyers to buy well-rounded rams with great genes. Back this year, the live online auction provided the opportunity for interstate collaboration and a wider buyer base. Rams went coast to coast from the San Juan Islands in Washington to West Virginia and many states in between.


With contracts still being negotiated, video auctions for January-March born lambs just beginning, and following the nosedive of the 2022 lamb market, uncertainty was felt by all going into the 2023 Idaho State Ram Sale. Strong prices throughout the sale were received, reflecting growing optimism in lamb market prices and the strengthening of the sector.


Breed # Head Range Average
Columbia Yearlings


1 $800 $800
Rambouillet Yearlings


20 $250- $1,100 $612.50
Whiteface Crossbred Yearlings


3 $150 $150
Rambouillet Lambs


2 $200 $200
Whiteface Crossbred Lambs


1 $400 $400
Suffolk Yearlings


123 $300- $1,600 $808.54
Suffolk Lambs


15 $350- $750 $516.67
Crossbred Lambs


4 $300- $350 $337.5
Blackface Crossbred Yearlings


14 $500- $1,000 $750
Total 183 $150-$1,600 $728.69


“The Idaho Wool Growers Association is very pleased with their state ram sale held July 8th at the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds in Filer Idaho. There was very good support from both consignors and producers to trade these high-quality rams. The sale is largely dominated by Suffolks but had a strong showing and strong demand from Rambouillet and Columbia sires,” said Jack Blattner, Ram Sale Committee Chairman, “The average for the sale was a little off from last year but that sale was met with much better market prices and was timed before the market dropped. This year, the market looks like it’s getting stronger and so is demand, so the prices were pretty good. Thank you to the Idaho Wool Growers and to athe many helpers whoe this sale such a success!”

John Faulkner was recognized at the 102nd Idaho State Ram Sale for his years of service and dedication to not only Idaho’s sheep industry but also the American Sheep industry. John Faulkner and Faulkner Land and Livestock is a pillar of Idaho’s sheep community, serving as a past President of the Idaho Wool Growers Association and current Trustee. His leadership, drive, and ability to adapt and diversify have paved the way for generations to come. At the start of the sale, surrounded by friends, family, and peers, the IWGA honored John and thanked him for his continued support of the industry and the ram sale.

“The Idaho and American sheep industry would not be what it is today without John Faulkner. We are grateful to him for his continued support of not only our industry but also the Ram Sale,” said Liz Wilder, Executive Director.


As an integral part of the Idaho agricultural community, the Idaho Woolgrowers Association strives to promote and protect the interests of its members. The association works diligently to support the sustainability and growth of the state’s sheep industry through advocacy, education, and collaborative partnerships. We successfully raised $3,950 through the sale of the Promo Ewe at the beginning of the event. Generously donated by the University of Idaho, the funds generated from this will support scholarships to students with an interest in sheep-related careers for the following academic year. The contribution exemplifies the commitment of the Idaho sheep industry to empower and invest in the future of aspiring students. Congratulations to the 2023 recipients of last year’s Ewe, Emily Blattner & Grace Soulen.

Thank you to the University of Idaho for donating the Promo Ewe and providing the opportunity to give scholarships to students with an interest in the sheep industry.


The Idaho State Ram Sale concluded with resounding success, and the Idaho Wool Growers would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all the buyers and consignors who made this such an enjoyable event. The continued support and participation have helped establish the sale as a key event in the sheep industry, promoting excellence and fostering valuable connections.

The IWGA would also like to express our sincere appreciation to John and Julie Noh for their delectable contributions throughout the weekend as they cooked both the BBQ dinner on Friday and the lunch on Saturday, as well as helping the whole event run smoothly.

To the buyers and consignors, your active involvement and commitment have not only enriched the Idaho State Ram Sale but have also played an instrumental role in shaping the future of the sheep industry. Your continued support ensures the growth and sustainability of our community, and we are immensely grateful for your contributions.

Last but not least, thank you to the Ram Sale Committee, Jack Blattner, Mark Henslee, Blake Ball, Doug Teuscher, and Mike Wilder for your work year-round to ensure the success of the second oldest Ram Sale in the United States.


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