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Health Resources by the Idaho Sheep & Goat Health Board

Welcome to the health resources page hosted by the Idaho Sheep & Goat Health Board. The Idaho Sheep & Goat Health Board serves Idaho's Sheep & Goat Producers by providing health-related educational materials and outreach efforts. Here, you can find a collection of health resources, informational handouts, research updates, and more.

2023 Idaho Sheep & Goat Producer Health Needs Survey

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Help the ISGHB help you! Take the 2023 Idaho Sheep & Goat Health Needs Survey today. This survey is hosted by the Idaho Wool Growers Association, in collaboration with the Idaho Sheep and Goat Health Board. The goals of this survey are to determine the greatest health-related needs of Idaho sheep and goat producers and to determine ways the Idaho Sheep and Goat Health Board can provide valuable information for those producers. Survey results will be used to better provide sheep and goat producers in Idaho with health-related information and resources.

Sheep & Goat Health Information and Resources

In need of resources related to general sheep and goat health? Look no further. Browse through the assortment of articles, factsheets, and resources related to all things general health.

Reportable & Notifiable Sheep & Goat Diseases

Certain sheep & goat diseases are reportable or notifiable.

Reportable diseases are diseases that must be brought to the attention of ISDA immediately, as soon as identified.

Notifiable diseases are diseases that must be brought to the attention of ISDA within 48 hours of discovery.

Reportable Diseases

Notifiable Diseases

  • Bluetongue
  • Caprine Arthritis/Encephalitis (CAE)
  • Caseous Lymphadentis
  • Contagious Agalactia (Mycoplasma spp.)
  • Enzootic Abortion (Chlamydia psittici)
  • Footrot
  • Haemonchus Contortus (drug-resistant)
  • Johne’s Disease
  • Maedi-Visna/Ovine Progressive Pneumonia
  • Ovine Epididymitis (Brucella ovis)
  • Toxoplasma gondii abortion
  • Vibrionic abortion (Campylobacter fetus)

Do I need an Import Permit?

Are you bringing sheep or goats into Idaho? You may need an import permit. Sheep and goats are regulated under "Sheep & Goat Rules of Idaho Sheep and Goat Health Board". Permits can be obtained via phone at 208-803-5084 or through the online permit system. See below for the entry requirements by species.

  • CVI with the full physical address of the destination.
  • Intact male sheep 6 months of age an older require a negative brucella ovis test within 30 days before entry. This is waived for animals entering Idaho for a show and returning home.
  • Producer Flock ID listed on CVI.
  • Individual, official ID listed on CVI.
  • Entry permit within 72 hours before movement.
Goats- Meat/Other Use
Goats- Dairy Use

ISGHB Leadership: Board Members

The Idaho Sheep & Goat Health Board is comprised of five board members, each representing different facets of the Idaho sheep & goat industries. Board members are nominated by the Idaho Wool Growers Association and appointed by the Governor of Idaho, Governor Brad Little. Board members can serve up to 2- 6 year terms.

The chair and vice chair are voted on by the board.

Steve Wilder

Mike Secrest
Board Member

Carol Finney
Board Member

David Dalling
Vice Chair

Tony Parsons, DVM
Board Member

Position Empty
Executive Secretary

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