Are EWE going to join us for an awesome time at the IWGA Mini-Convention?

Mark your calendars for a fun time to come together and talk sheep, learn more about sheep, get industry updates for sheep, conduct the business of the association defending those raising sheep, and ultimately, get away from the sheep!

We have an incredible line up of speakers and educational sessions planned at one of the nicest hotels in the Boise area. Join us November 5th and 6th at The Riverside Hotel for our convention. Remember, West Central States Wool Growers Convention has been canceled this year due to Covid-19, so this will be THE convention for the area! Invite your friends across Idaho and the surrounding states. And, hey, for that matter, invite friends from all over the country!

Check back here for updates on the schedule and confirmed speakers for the convention. In the meantime, fill out the registration form below and send us your payment. We are really looking forward to providing this meeting for you all and can’t wait to see EWE there!



Idaho Wool Growers Association Presents

The Idaho “Mini” 24-Hour Convention

Riverside Inn, Boise, Idaho

Nov. 5 & 6, 2020





8:00 am: Registration Opens


8:00 am: Non-Convention Meetings Start These meetings are open to the public, but are in no way a part of the convention. They are being held at the Riverside Inn in conjunction with our convention for convenience sake.

8:05 to 8:50 am           Ram Sale Committee Meeting

9:05 to 9:50 am           Animal Damage Control Board Meeting

10:05 to 10:50 am       Idaho Sheep and Goat Health Board Meeting


12:00 (noon): “Ewe Are Loved” Opening Ceremony Luncheon (Sponsored by the Idaho Sheep and Goat Health Board)

Welcoming Remarks—Naomi Gordon, IWGA Executive Director

Invocation—Gary McCuin, University of Nevada (Not Confirmed Yet)

Flag Salute—Blake Youngkin, Son of Jason and Shantel Youngkin (Not Confirmed Yet)

Idaho Sheep and Goat Health Board Presentation—Kim Royer, ISGHB Chairman

U.S. Sheep Experiment Station- Dr. Bret Taylor, USSES Supervisory Research Animal Scientist


1:30 pm: Pilgrim’s Program General Session

Introduction of Guests/Review of Program—John Noh, IWGA President

President’s Remarks—John Noh, IWGA President

Pendleton Blanket Door Prize Drawing–Caleb Pirc, IWGA Government Affairs Manager

Executive Director’s Yearly Report—Naomi Gordon, IWGA Executive Director

Board Election Process

Board Member Nominations for Committee

Introduce Silent Auction

Introduce Photo Contest Voting


3:00 pm: “Basque Geldi “Stop” Break Time


3:15 pm: Speaker—Kaitlyn GloverExecutive Director, Public Lands Council & NCBA Natural Resources (Wash. D. C.) Glover will delve into the legalities of recent events involving the permanent retiring of Idaho AUM’s, the proper transfer of AUM’s and the new legislative items her and her staff are working on


4:00 pm: Speaker—Judy Boyle, Idaho State Representative and Agriculture Affairs Chair (Midvale, ID) Rep. Boyle will be speaking about how the state of Idaho’s Agriculture has fared through the Covid-19 crisis and what she foresees this coming legislative session.

4:15 pm: American Lamb Board Update

4:30 pm: “John Balderson” Break Time


4:45 pm: Keynote Speaker—Jessi RobertsOwner of Cheeky’s Clothing Line and Author of the book Backroads Boss Lady (New Plymouth, ID) Roberts is definitely the unlikely entrepreneur. Although she has been homeless and the victim of unspeakable abuse and violence, she refuses to have an asterisk added to any of her accomplishments. She is one of the youngest recipients of the 40 under 40 award in the State of Idaho, was an Idaho Business Woman of the Year honoree and was given the 2020 CEO of Influence award. Her business in 2018 was an Inc. 500 company with over 1400% growth. Jessi has since been focused on how to create contentment while continuing to grow and speaks regularly helping others learn about finding that balance. Cheekys, a rural lifestyle apparel and accessory brand, has exceeded over 20 million dollars in sales without a single conventional bank loan. Founded by Jessi and her husband in a small Idaho town of only 1400 people, she provides employment for many locally and across the USA. Being authentic and transparent has given the Cheekys Brand a tremendous online following that’s rivaling the engagement of massive online and brick and mortar chain retailers. As a “micro” influencer the Roberts’ engage over 3 million people per week on social media and have been dubbed by Facebook as one of the fastest online subscriptions for retail brands on the platform. Cheekys has also created a community of hundreds of thousands of women who are a full dose of sass yet, inspiring and creating positive environments where rural families can earn income. Jessi Roberts is the author of the new business memoir, Backroads Boss Lady, that has a no bullshit approach to creating the life you deserve to live. Currently, she mentors and coaches hundreds on e-commerce, wholesale and importing, and brick and mortar retail businesses. Creating and teaching others how to have positive genuine connections, productivity and with a sense of community wherever she goes, Jessi is a light to everyone she has contact with. We are thrilled she will be speaking to us!


5:30 pm: Book Signing


6:00 pm: Shepherd’s Dinner

Awards Ceremony

Reveal New Logo

Winners of Silent Auction

Photo Contest Voting (People’s Choice Award)





7:00 am: Non-Convention Meeting
Rocky Mountain Sheep Marketing Association Membership and Board Meeting

8:00 am: Breakfast 


9:00 am: Board of Directors Meeting


Adjourn/Retire the Last Board

Call to Order with the New Board

Review of Minutes

Financials for FY19-20

Plan for FY20-21



(These will take place during the BOD Meeting. Please plan accordingly)


9:30 am: Session A—Marketing Your Lamb/Wool Through the Idaho Preferred Program 

Laura Johnson, Market Development Division Bureau Chief for the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (Boise, ID) Johnson will be speaking about ways you can capitalize on the ISDA Idaho Preferred program and other types of marketing means available to you (sheep producers) in the area.


9:30 am: Session B—NSIP & Barber Pole Worm Workshop (Sponsored by the ISGHB)

Caleb Pirc, IWGA Government Affairs Manager and Parasite Management Trainer (Meridian, ID) will be sharing management strategies for producers to use to manage barber pole worms in lambs grazing irrigated pasture. Additionally, he will give a brief explanation and answer questions from attendees on how they can utilize Estimated Breeding Values (EBV’s) produced by the National Sheep Improvement Program for genetic selection.


10:45 am: Session A–Lamb Meat Carcass Cutting Demonstration
Mark M. DeNittis, American Lamb Board
Want to learn how to cut up your lamb yourself? This session will consist of a very colorful and fun full-size,
lamb processing demonstration. Every attendee will also receive ALB Lamb Curriculamb educational
materials to help you do your own butchering at home.


10:45 am: Session B—When Do You Need A Trapper + How To Make Money Off of Coyote Pelts

Rusty Kramer, President of the Idaho Trappers Association (Fairfield, ID)

Description coming soon to include making hundreds of dollars off of pelts


12:00 am: Skedaddle Closing Ceremony Luncheon

Final Remarks

Committee/Volunteer Sign Ups

PLEASE NOTE: Rooms are not covered in the convention cost. Please contact the Riverside hotel and mention the Idaho Wool Growers Association (IWGA) when you reserve your room.


Convention cost:

Full Convention: $150

First Day: $100

Second Day: $75

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